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Multifamily buildings are one of the most in-demand and continuously evolving markets across the country. Fueled by a highly competitive marketplace, developers are under more pressure to offer comprehensive amenity packages, smaller but modern units and sophisticated mixed use buildings.

At Cavupro, our focus is delivering quality, timely, well managed projects. We know our value to our clients, team and partners is only as good as our delivery of each project. We pride ourselves on getting it right every time and focusing only on the amount of work we can perform at the highest level.

One our many facets of success is our ability to proactively anticipate the needs of our clients; and with the flexibility to meet those needs. Our experience means we have the knowledge and intellect to take a proactive approach in creating solutions before problems arise. We put emphasis on the planning process to ensure a smooth transition from our client’s concepts to the final delivery.

Our team has delivered award-winning living spaces including apartment building conversions, new construction high-rise condominiums, student housing complexes inclusive of required commercial millwork in all related public spaces. Cavupro has the expertise to deliver projects that are beautiful, functional and made for living from metropolitan apartment towers to suburban garden style condos and everything in between.

First. East Village - Calgary

unlimited specifications

In our marketplace, innovation and customer expectations are continually changing. Our clients are looking for any edge to produce a finished product that now only provides fulfillment of customer tastes but differentiates the unique style of the development. Designers and Architects work along side with the developer to present innovative products and design, our job is to work with the entire team from start to finish, to give expert support with a unique offering that fulfills the specific needs.

Most manufactucturers have a rigid set of products/finishes they can offer. Due to typical production limitations, via local account supply chain for material distributors or standard cabinet offerings designed for retail, dealer, home builder, a specific product outside of this range cannot be offered or produced efficiently.

At CAVUPRO, our market is specially Multi-family. We have designed our supply chain and manufacturer to handle newly offered materials, thru our global raw material partners. We continually search out the new trends and innovation that allow us to stay abreast of the competition to offer a product range that is unparalleled in the North American marketplace.

If you are looking for a new textured thermo fused textured wood grain melamine, engineered veneer, thermofoil, solid wood, high gloss acrylic or melamine door style just to name a few, it can be done. Possibly looking for a different drawer hardware offering to bring up the level of offering to a more high end European design, it can be done. Looking for an upgraded case construction, I think you get the pattern.

It's simple, ask us, we will get to work on it for you.

Our digitized production system operates with the latest lean machinery, keeping labor costs low and quality and flexibility high, resulting in cost efficiencies to be handled forward to our clients.

uncompromised quality

Quality, an overused word and what does it mean? Quality means something different to everyone. At CAVUPRO, we do not compromise our goal of supplying a product that exceeds the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and KCMA (Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) minimum standards. It is paramount to us that we create a product that is beautiful, long lasting, safe, functional and something we would be proud to have in our own homes.

Even though we exceed minimum Canadian standards, we continually strive to ensure all of our materials come from sustainable sources and resources. We believe in being good stewards of our environment and we partner with organizations that create products that align with our mindset. All of our products pass and exceed Canadian VOC off-gas standards, an important aspect when it comes the health of our end users.

Our plant staff take great pride in the work they do and the products they produce. Our quality control system assures each product is fully inspected for a high level of quality before it leaves our door. Each QC manager signs off each item allowing us to track and correct any issue real time.

Installations are a key to the success of the project execution. Our installation teams are the best craftsmen available. Most of our installers have worked with us for many years on large scale projects, giving them an understanding of our goals and needs specific to handling multi family successfully. New members to our install team are heavily screened and references are checked with a probation period with one of our senior install experts. It is important we place only the proven best on our site.


State of the art service tracking

Our clients know the most important goal in our industry is turning over suites, on time and 100% complete, deficiencies. At CAVUPRO, we believe a comprehensive communications system and leading technology are the only way to ensure success. We use the latest technology in site communications. Our system allows us to track damaged or defective parts real time so there is no delay in obtaining new parts. Our installer communicates directly and digitally with the plant to ensure parts are being produced and contacts site in a timely fashion. Our on-site sign-off and inspection report is completed at the end of each install and updates are given directly to our client. Our entire operations' success depends on us achieving excellence in this area.

TRENDS! Thermofused Melamines

Through innovations in raw panel manufacturing in Italy and Germany, specialized patterns and finishes have developed massive demand. We used to think of melamine as a cheap, plastic looking material.  Today, technology and imaging has changed and so has the final product. The new material allows customers to gain a high grade look with cost efficiency and durability that is unparalleled. Our new machinery allows for profiling and edge finishing that creates a very high-end look with ease of production. At CAVUPRO, we have invested substantially in one of the only Laser Edge-banding Systems in Canada. Laser edge-banding allows for an almost invisible continuous edge finish, emulating a typically very expensive high-end and costly door finish, without the cost.  We have brought true European manufacturing and style home to our Canadian marketplace.

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