multi family + Commercial Millwork

Tired of missing dates, delayed schedules, poor quality, poor installs and missing and incomplete products? Our specialized and experienced team focuses on curing your pain. We are the most experienced authority in the business. With over 25 years in multifamily and commercial millwork supply, our understanding and experience is unparalleled. We focus on one thing: making your project a success.  Many try...we do.

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unlimited specifications

Want something new or specific?  Have you seen a product that your local all purpose, generic manufacturer does not offer?  Most manufacturers have a set, limited offering dictated by their local raw product distributors. CAVUPRO has a vast supply chain that is global. Our team works diligently to offer the latest trends in raw materials to allow us to produce the most innovative products, satisfying the unique and differentiating tastes of our client base.  Are you tired of being told your limitations?

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uncompromised quality

Today there is an abundance of offshore low-grade products being shipped in to our marketplace.  Many cabinet products do not pass VOC (volatile organic compound) standards or reach the grade quality we desire in North America. The health and well-being of our end users is important. At CAVUPRO we use only the highest quality of raw panel products and hardware to build our cabinets.

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Since 1993


Multi family developments are a special breed.  Many developers aspire to create amazing, large scale, architecturally interesting family homes. Multi-family low rise and towers take a special expertise to not only do them well but ensure profitability. Let's face it, it's big risk yet profitable when executed by a professional and proficient team of trades.

At CAVUPRO, we understand the risk. We understand the inherent eccentricities of multi-family production and we have the experience to ensure their success. Through our focused ability to listen and to understand client needs in product and execution, we have developed an unparalleled product engineering and installation service system to enable success.

CAVUPRO has brought together the best in multi-family cabinet production. From our design to manufacturing to installation services, we have hunted and captured the best. Our team has won several awards over the years and is known for unparalleled execution. We love what we do and aspire to become the number one supply partner in North America.  Are you ready to work with the best?  Let's go!

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