The CAVUPRO team has been in the business over 25 years.  Over the last year, CAVUPRO has been working behind the scenes partnering with key organizations in the manufacturing sector to tie together a group of cabinet professionals and facilities that are unparalleled. We have partnered with proven manufacturing that have aligned with the CAVURPO core fundamental of exclusive Multi-Unit cabinet supply. Our goal was also to cover a larger geographic area with our plant facilities in both Edmonton and Calgary Alberta, creating a "better service" experience for our clients. Our new CAVUPRO "brand" now represents the most capable and experienced multi-family team in Western Canada.


Our team is located in Calgary and Edmonton Alberta. We supply the entirety of Western Canada and Western USA. From Saskatchewan to Vancouver Island and Vancouver to southern California. As many of our clients build in more than one province and state, this allows us to build stronger relationships and communications with developer and general contractor teams giving our clients a high level of continuity and support across their markets.

What are our lead times?

Being specifically Multi-Family cabinet supply, we are not hindered by trying to "fit in" retail, single family type kitchens, hindering our production flows and causing delays. At CAVUPRO, we work directly with the site schedule and forecasts to ensure our plant is going to exceed the needs of volumes required, many months in advance.