Innovations in Ultra Matte and High Gloss Finish panels

Nanotechnology in Kitchen and Bath manufacturing!

We are excited at CAVUPRO to continually engineer new product offerings for our ever changing marketplace. We have been working behind the scenes with our global supply partners on raw sheet products to develop an offering that exceeds expectation.

I am proud to offer our newest laminate “nanotechnology” in laminates, our Ultra-Matte and High Gloss door styles and finished architectural panels. We have created a product that achieves a high quality durable and scratch resistant finish but also resists fingerprints, perfect for the cabinet door and public millwork applications!

The edge finish on our doors utilizes the latest technology in PUR and/or laser edgeband with a 1mm matching or contrasting “smooth edge” finish. Our goal, creating a refined true European quality door with a price point for Multi-family residential and commercial applications. View how the edgebanding technology works here!

Super Matte Color Pallete

Super High Gloss Pallete


  • Industry leader in lasting brightness and UV resistance
  • Ideal for mitre folding. No memory and no warping
  • Resistant to staining, scratching and water
  • MDF core is MR10 and manufactured to North American standards
  • Environmentally friendly – PVC free